E13/648/2002, UPGRADATION: JPR-I-A/C-5/F2010-11/803-862/2 SCHOOL CODE: 1121472
Behind Lamba Motors Ajmer Road, Bagru Jaipur, Rajasthan PIN 303 007
Director's Message

Children are hardly aware about the importance of education. Generally they feel reading is tedious. But they have to read.

The traditional way of teaching and learning make children boring. Real learning begins when the door of wonderful and mysterious world of education open wide in front of children. The key to open this door is interest.

We have numerous stories of children who developed good learning skill only after joining our school. Because we developed such a system that centred interest of children.

I would like to advise parents to rethink your view about education. Education for many is only learning to read and write.And few others educate their children for making them a doctors, or engineers, or a professionals who have status and dignity in society. And some are running after government jobs that are mirage for many. Education is nothing but mould a child into a perfect man, acceptable and respectable for family, for society and for the country.

WARIS International Sr. Sc. School, Bagru

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